Science and technology park for micro- and nanotechnologies



The Science and Technology Park for Micro and Nanotechnologies MINATECH-RO is the first non-software ST infrastructure in Romania, focused on R&D for micro and nanotechnologies. The initiative of the establishment belonged to a national consortium, coordinated by the National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT-Bucharest), and the �Politehnica� University of Bucharest (PUB).

MINATECH-RO was created and received institutional funding during 2004-2005 through the national INFRATECH Programme, administered by the Ministry of Education and Research. The financing from INFRATECH and IMT-Bucharest served for new clean room facilities, state-of-the-art equipment acquisitions and fitting out spaces for the participating companies active in the micro- and nanotechnologies field. In June 2006, the park was officially launched as a prominent Infrastructure for Technology Transfer and Innovation. IMT-Bucharest offers the main spaces, with a secondary location in PUB.

The activities of MINATECH-RO are complementary to the technology transfer projects developed by CTT-Baneasa and mostly focused on business incubation:

- Technological transfer: realization of prototypes, demonstrators or experimental models; small scale/pilot production after realizing the prototype
- Technological services, micro-physical characterization, simulation and computer aided design
- Learning/training by preparation of courses and stages (with practical training) in the microsystems, micro- and nanotechnologies and microengineering domains
- Assistance and consultancy activities for SMEs and small innovative enterprises: information in micro-engineering, microsystems, micro- and nanotechnologies, access to databases, documentation, etc.
- Facilitating the access of Romanian innovative SMEs to European networks and partnerships; dissemination of information (organizing conferences, workshops, editing publications, etc.)

As the essential function of MINATECH-RO is incubation, the park provides not only standard conditions (room for offices, telephones, internet, secretary services), but also the possibility to use equipments requiring special working conditions, characteristic for chemistry laboratories or laboratories in the semiconductor industry: cleanliness, air conditioning, stove aspiration (for chemical substances), neutralization of waste products (for environment protection), deionised water, nitrogen, protection from explosion, etc. These equipments will be installed in spaces rented to companies or in common spaces. Technical assistance will be provided for all these equipments, together with consultancy for the R&D activities of the companies and the rental of certain equipments.

Main location: National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies, 126A, Voluntari, Ilfov

Conference hall

Conference hall